It might be THE most famous Reunionese dish. We all got our own recipe to cook rougail saucisses. Because our blog is called Taste Reunion, I will share with you my recipe. Very easy !

If you are lazy, go straight to the end of the article, and watch the video !
Rougail saucisses - ingrédientsIngredients :
-smoked sausages
-smoked pork belly

You can also add so thyme and big chilis, but I didn’t have any at that time.
Rougail saucisses - découpe Rougail saucisses - oignons ail piment

Rougail saucisses - cuisine

-With a fork prick the sausages and boil them for 15 min.
-Meanwhile, cut the garlic, onions, chili into small pieces.
-Cut the sausages.
-Fry the sausages and the pork belly for 10 min, without adding any oil.
-Add the garlic, onions, chili, curcuma, stir for around 5-10 min.
-Add the tomatoes, stir for 10 min.

It’s ready ! Serve it with some rice (with beans and chili “rougail” !)

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