Samosas are my favorite reunionnese snacks. Yes, it comes first and before “bouchons”, “bonbons piments”, “petits pâtés”, “piments farcis” and all. If I had David’s stomach, I would eat twenty of them. So yes, samousas are sacred.

Everyone has his own criteria to evaluate the gastronomic performance of a samossa : crispiness of the puff paste, spices in the stuffing, perfect balance with the chilly (yes, I am quite ready for Top Chef Samosas).

So we decided to share with you our favorite places (in ascending order) :

5. CHEZ DANY / For the size of their samosas
Chez Dany (2)We took some time to find this one, but it was worth it. A huge tasty samosa, and a nice smiling guy.

4. LES VRAIS SAMOUSSAS / For the memory of my adolescence

Les vrais samoussas 3 Les vrais samoussas 7 Les vrais samoussas 9 (2)With this name, they’d better be good… Their main snack is in St Joseph, but St Joseph is just godforsaken a bit far away, so we are glad that we can find another small one just down the street of my former high school. Obviously, their samosas are the taste of my childhood. Since then, the prices went up and the sizes went smaller. But still, they are one of my favorites.
Where ? Rue Rodier, in St Pierre

3. JE SUIS ICI / For their char siew samosas
Je suis ici 2For their “char-siew” samosas : I AM HERE. Yes, another unique name ! A char siew samosas, hence with pork inside, what a crime haha. Well, this snack bar sells small delicacies (baozi, fried wonton, “napolitains”) with a chinese touch. And we liiike it !
Where ? 168 rue Ste Marie, in St Denis

2. CHEZ MOOLANT / For their chicken samosas

Chez Moolan 3 (1) Chez Moolan 2 (1)For us, the suffing makes it all. A perfect mix of spices, the right cooking. It’s the best price for quality/size with 35 cents for one samosa. Our favorite place to buy samosas in town.
Where ? in Jules Aubert street, opposite to Ravate store, in St Denis

1. Les samoussas de MME S. / The gold medal

Samoussas 1The gold medal goes to Mrs S. ‘s samosas. For this one, I can’t give you the address, it is top secret. We sometimes treat ourselves and order with her. Everything is homemade, including the puff paste. So it is obviously unbeatable.

We also tried : le bar à 4 in St Paul, but there were only few cheese samosas left. But we do confirm, their fried chicken are just de-li-cious !

And you, what is your top 5 ? Share with us because we looooove samosas !

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