It’s Easter holiday ! We had to talk about chocolate, right ? 🙂

Everytime we go to Paris, we bring back some chocolate. Real chocolate. Good chocolate. We usually go to La maison du chocolat, or Pierre Marcolini. This time, our friend G., chocolate addict, told us about Patrick Roger.

Patrick Roger 6 Patrick Roger 4 Patrick Roger 1

What a nice surprise ! It was not only yummy, but also beautiful ! The guy is also sculptor. 

Of course we didn’t taste everything, but we loved the praline chocolate and the coated almonds.

Differences between La maison du chocolat and Patrick Roger : if you’re a black chocolate lover, go to La maison du chocolat. If you like every kind of chocolate, you’ll prefer Patrick Roger.

What chocolate brand should we try next time ?

Patrick Roger 3 Patrick Roger 2

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