Edit (24/01/17) : Bubble T place is also in St-Denis 😀 ! 12 rue Victor Mac Auliffe 97400 Saint-Denis.  And you can get warm/hot bubble tea !!!

FINALLY, there is a bubble tea store in Reunion, and it’s in St Pierre ! (best city ever, right ?)

It’s only been a week since BubbleTplace opened in town, and it has already some fans ! We went there and liked it very much :
-the logo and design : a colorful and cute place !
-the authentic taste : YES ! It does taste like a real bubble tea in Asia. They sell only cold ones though. Surely because it’s 30°C outside.
-the tapioca balls are neither too melting nor too chewy
the sugar : we like it because it’s not too sweet, but maybe not everyone…
-if you don’t like milk like me, you can get milk-free fruity bubble tea

So it’s pretty simple. You first choose the size of your cup (for us the small one is enough, but some bubble tea lovers can drink more than a big one !), your tea (milk tea, fruity or iced) and then the topping (tapioca balls, fruity balls, jelly…)

Bubble tea is a drink invented in Taiwan, and it’s exactly where the owner gets her supplies ! And one good point for here, everything is hallal !
I personally think that hot bubble teas could be great (maybe later ?) and more choices in the tea range (ok, I am kind of a tea crazy person). But otherwise, it is just what we needed !

Well, I am not the specialist (a bubble tea without milk, is not a real one…) and the experts approved it !

Now, we are just missing a real KTV place here !

S. is the perfect model for a bubble tea ad 😉

50 rue François de Mahy, St Pierre
Du Mardi au Samedi, 10h30-18h30


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