In 2012, Mats spent 10 days in Reunion island, and we asked him a few questions…

Please introduce yourself.
Hello my name is Mats, I am 28 years old and I am from Germany.

How/why did you come to Reunion ?
A reunion on Reunion island. Good friends of mine, who are born and raised on La Reunion, celebrated their wedding there. That was a great chance to meet them again and to visit this beautiful island. I spent 10 days after the wedding with them and their friends and had one of my best vacations ever.

What surprised you the most ? What didn’t you expect to see/live/eat ?
What surprised me the most was the variety of nature and different things to do. I knew Reunion was a volcanic island and was expecting it to be rougher and with less beaches and vegetation. I didn’t expect it to be that beautiful.

What did you prefer during your stay ?
I couldn’t really say, there were so many amazing things. The waterfalls, paragliding were awesome, and I loved the nature in the mountains and the « sud sauvage ».

Do German people know Reunion Island  ?
Some people do but most don’t I think. I know Reunion because our high school did school trips there for the French class, but I have to explain to most friends and coworkers where it is. It seems like Mauritius is far better known.

Any advice to future visitors ?
Go see the island! Get Reunionese friends to show you around on this fantastic paradise 😉


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