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When we plan our vacation, we usually check everything on Internet. David is the expert for finding the best accommodations and flight tickets. I am the one looking for the best tourist attractions and “the best Korean/Chinese/burger/Japanese/local (…)” restaurants in town.

But our recipe for a magical trip is to always find advices, recommendations from locals. We love hanging out with friends who live there and their local insights are precious. And then for Singapore we have been introduced to the “local fella”. When I looked at their website, I just realised : ” that’s exactly what we do/ wanna do for our friends who come visit us in Reunion island”. This couple seemed lovely and I found their project inspiring.


What they offer is simple. You fill a form about what you are looking for during your trip in Singapore (activities / food / museums /shopping …) and rank it according to your personal interest. Then they will write and send by email a customized guide for you with all their tips.


So we have ordered a guide with 45 recommendations. They first send you a standard but useful information guide about Singapore in general, then a few days after we got the whole guide in a pdf file. It’s divided by area and classified by type of activities. If you’re reading it on your computer or mobile or tablet you can also click on the hyperlinks, which is pretty convenient. No more heavy guidebook or papers in your travel bag. As for their recommendations , we have tried several of the listed restaurants and they were pretty good ! They also included some tips like : going on top of a shopping mall to get a free nice view, local weekend markets… The guide is written according to what you filled in the questionnaire, so there are only activities that suit your interests. Finally they were very considerate, sending us email to make sure everything was okay and giving us updates about some situation or events (haze, zika virus….) during our trip.

In a word, the local fella guide saves you hours of browsing the Internet and with extra bonus of giving you some local secrets ! For those who are planning a trip in Singapore, go check their website  or send them an email !

The local fella

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