Ok everyone, be prepared for 2 or 3 looong blog posts about what we tasted in Canada.  The trip was 15 days long, and we had, like always, a food program for each day. Yes that’s the way we travel !

Let’s be honest, Canadian food is not the most sophisticated gastronomy we have experienced. BUT, in Canada, thanks to this beautiful melting pot, you can find different kind of cuisine in cities like Toronto or Montreal. And that’s exactly what we love !

So, we will start with Toronto and here is a list of restaurants or places we strongly recommend :
1. For breakfast
– Eggspectation
This chain restaurant is perfect if you are craving for eggs or/and pancakes. Nothing spectacular but just tasty, exactly what we needed for our first (early) breakfast in Toronto.
Eggspectation 2Eggspectation – Owl of Minerva – Korean restaurant
Yes you read it right, we had korean food for breakfast. Let me explain, we were still jetlagged, so we woke up at 4am and hungry. One friend told us about this 24h korean restaurant, so we just went for it. It was kind of surreal, going there and having bulgogi et pork bone soup at 5-6am. But it was sooo comforting ! (yes, we can be crazy people when it comes to food).
Bulgogi and Pork bones soup
2. For “street” food :
– Fresh off the boat
Lobster is so expensive here and in mainland France, that we were really curious to taste a lobster roll. So we tried the one from Fresh off the boat, at a food market. And yes, it was really good !

– Carousel Bakery at St Lawrence market
It’s just a bun and some bacon in it. So how come it was so delicious ? If you are visiting St Lawrence market, stop by this famous shop and try their peameal bacon on a bun. (Well, actually, it’s not just some simple bacon, it’s Canadian back bacon, and it’s really good)

-Banh Mi Boys
Take a baozi (chinese bun), put some carrot, cilantro and of course a crispy pork belly, and you get one of our favorite sandwich of this trip. The “five spice pork belly” from Banh Mi Boys was so good that my sister and David barely shared their food.

3. For dim-sum
Ok, for this one, we are sorry but we don’t know the name nor the address of the place. Our friend took us to the “new Asia town” in the suburb area. And it is just as if you were in China :  they have their own shopping mall, supermarket and restaurants. So we had dim sum in this restaurant, and it was really good, especially when you missed it so much !!

4. For Korean food – Joon’s
One of my favorite korean dish is dak-galbi, and it is rare to find it outside of Korea. So when I found this place online, I knew we had to go there. Ok, it was not as delicious as the ones we had in Seoul or Beijing, but it was still very good.

5. For ramen – Sansotei Ramen
This place got the “best ramen” of Toronto award in 2014 from a famous blog. And now we know why. It just tasted like the ones in Japan. Soooo delicious !

6. Around Niagara Falls – Ravine Vineyard
If you are looking for a beautiful place to have lunch, not far from the Niagara falls, we recommend the Ravine Vineyard. We couldn’t go to the restaurant because it was full (which is a good sign !) but we stayed outside and ate some tasty pizzas with good wine.

Well, that’s it for Toronto. Yes we did all of that in 4 days, and it sure wasn’t enough… So if you have any other restaurant recommendations, please share them with us, we would love to go back there one day !

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