Sometimes (often) we still sadly miss all these fabulous asian restaurants we used to go in Shanghai. And we would fly over there just for that. There are some typical Japanese, Korean, Indo dishes that you could not find here in Reunion five years ago. Now, more and more restaurants offer exotic and inventive food, so much the better !

When we found Est Bento restaurant for the first time, we were first attracted by its name E.S.T. : Eat Share Travel. These 3 words are exactly what define us. When we had a look at the menu with all these Japanese, Korean, Thai, Indo dishes, we were both excited and afraid that the promise wouldn’t be fulfilled. But the test was pretty positive. We won’t say that the dishes are totally authentic, but they are very closed to the originals, and it’s already a lot here. After all, Est Bento is supposed to be about asian fusion food. We only regret that there are not so much Korean and indo dishes, but it’s maybe adjusted to the taste of the locals. Anyway, we brought our Japanese experts there, and they approved the food. So if that’s not a good sign…

The traditional Japanese dishes (tori katsu, tofu don, tekka don etc…) are really good. I like the korroke (deep fried potato balls) or the onsen tomago (poached egg), small details proving that the chef did travel and did not just imitate an average westernized japanese cuisine. As the name of the restaurant indicates, food is served in bentos (cute japanese boxes) with some salad, rice and miso soup (which btw we find a bit too plain).

We also strongly recommend the pani puri as starters : small crispy baskets with some peas and a spicy sauce.

The homemade deserts are creative and very tasty.

The decor is simple and tasteful. We immediately felt at ease and peaceful.

Finally, the staff is alway efficient, smiling and welcoming.

It will cost you 13-29 euros for a lunch. Sure, in some big cities around the world, you could find the same for a lot less money. Except that on our little island, creativity and quality are pricey. Anyway, Est Bento is a restaurant we like, we share and we recommend !

Est Bento
1, rue Auguste Babet
97410, Saint-Pierre
0262 02 08 03

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