If you’re looking for a nice cosy place, where to spend some good times with the girls,
If your husband is like mine, he like “girly stuffs”, but refuses to admit it,
If on Sunday, you want to have breakfast or brunch outside,

Go try Café Simone !


This small restaurant has been opened for a few months, on the waterfront of St Pierre, near Terre Sainte. They serve original and tasty dishes, in a nicely decorated place.  If you are familiar with the clothes shops, you will recognize the same boho atmosphere. The prices are affordable, the portions are not that big though. But if you think about it, you’d better eat reasonably, but well.

nice and cosy placeNice and cosy placeNice and cosy place

Some touch of originality for the service. When you arrive, they will give each of you a menu to fill and to drop on the counter. Once your dishes are ready, the buzzer on your table will start to vibrate and you can go get your meal.


In your plate, for lunch, there is always some exotism : pad thai, chicken tandoori… And for the drinks, I really liked the fresh squeezed juices and smoothies. We’ve never tasted the salads or desserts, but they looked delicious !


For breakfast or brunch, you can choose a light meal with just one dish or a more generous meal with many sweet and/or salty pleasures.

I have to admit, the decoration, the atmosphere and spirit of the place have a great influence on the global appreciation. But anyway, we recommend you to go there and spend a good time !

menu petit déjeunerstreet art à côté du café simone

Café Simone
Terre Sainte, St-Pierre
La Réunion
0262 61 63 58
tuesday to sunday

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