While planning our trip to Singapore, we met this wonderful airbnb host named Debborah. She has a fantastic loft in Tiong Bahru (pictures and post soon) and also this big big heart ! She introduced us to Pencils of Promise (PoP).
It’s a for purpose organization that builds schools and provides teachers support in Laos, Ghana and Guatemala. I won’t explain you how education is important for children. That’s just obvious.
When I visited Bali, I have seen little girls that looked just the same as me at their age. They were selling postcards to tourists in the streets. And I realized that it could have been me, my sister, my friend…
We often forget how lucky we are.
Let’s not feel too guilty about it but, instead, let’s do something to help others, even if it’s something small, even if it’s once in a year.
Debborah raised more than 25 000 USD last year in 46 days, and recently reached her 75,000 usd donation goal … That’s money for 3 schools in total. How incredible is that ?!
But with only 25 usd donation, you can allow a child to go to school for one year. So everyone can help.
Why did we decide to give to PoP ? Before our donation, I have checked the website, articles and videos to make sure this organization was real and serious. Finally, we just made our donation, even if it is just a small thing.

Please go check Pencil Of Promise website : here, or Debbie’s donation page : here.



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